The plastic industry is undergoing a worldwide transformation process that seeks to offer quality products, adapted to the consumer needs and respectful with the environment by providing solutions such as the use of recycled material.

The problem with plastics is not that the nature but in the way in which waste is managed and what is done with plastic once it has fulfilled its purpose. The best solution: recovery of 100% of the plastic used so it can be and recycled: In other words, it can be used again as a raw material to manufacture new products. In this way, we not only prevent plastics from lying on our fields, oceans and cities, we also reduce raw material consumption for its production such as oil at the same time as the energy consumption is decreased.

ABC Rotomoldeo have been using recycled material for more than 10 years to satisfy part of our production and we want to go one step further not only increasing the amount of recycled material that we use in our production, but We also commit to offer our customers our guarantee that your product is made from 100% recycled material by using the brand – PURE REYCLED. 

Both manufacturers and consumers can collaborate to promote the use of recycled material and contribute to recycle even more tons of plastic for further reprocessing.


You can find more information in our section of ecological and 100% recycled products