Playground Equipment Solutions


We design and manufacture playground equipment according to the regulations of the European community. We manufacture  playground equipment such as swings and slides, inclusive swings or tubular sections to design your own slide and complete your playground construction.

Rotoplay offers you for indoor and outdoor playground equipment of the highest quality and durability. As part of our commitment to the environment and constant innovation in our products, our research and development department has designed a line of eco friendly products using recycled and plant-based materials without compromising the quality of the final product.

Our main clients are playground builders who find in Rotoplay a serious manufacturing company, with immediate availability, committed to the environment and truly competitive prices with the highest quality and compliance with the strictest regulations.

Playground Tubular Slide Sections

Playground TUBULAR SLIDE SECTIONS for assembly.

Design your own slide by joining the different pieces that we put at your disposal. We have a multitude of assembly examples.

Recommended to follow internationals standard UNE EN 1176-3

Available in several colours:

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Slides for Playgrounds

Slides for Playgrounds – Serie T Slides

Our T-series are a range of Straight slides fully adaptable to any structure since we have a di­ferents models for most heights.

from 60 cm to 170 cm in height, we have 8 models available to select

Available in several colours:

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Slides for Playgrounds – Ecological ECO-T Slides

The range of Ecological Eco-T Slides is an environment-friendly proposal of slides unique in the sector. For production, the environmental impact has been minimized to the maximum by replacing petrochemical-based raw materials together with others of natural origin, using recycled materials and optimizing the operation of industrial processes.

From 60 cm to 170 cm in height, we have 8 models available to select.

SERIE ECO-T SLIDES (Material PE + Rice husk)

The Eco-T series is produced with a material composed of 15% of raw material of vegetable origin (Rice husk) and 85% of Low Density Linear Polyethylene.

The use of rice husks also improves the final quality of the product, providing structural advantages.



Our T-Series slides made from 50% recycled PE are produced from a mix of virgin Polyethylene and post-consumption plastics in the same proportion.

Those models offer at the same time an ecological option and the availability of two cheerful colours.

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The “Pure Recycled” T-Series slides are made from 100% recycled PE. This proposal gathers the idea of integrating the circular economy into our production process and adapting it to the market needs.

Due to it 100% recycled provenance, only black colour is available.

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Playground Inclusive Swing Seat

Playground Inclusive SWING SEAT

Inclusive play areas seek, from creative design solutions, to configure a variety of play experiences and challenges so that people of all ages, cultural backgrounds and abilities (both physical, sensory, cognitive and social) actively participate through your way and enjoy together, in the most comfortable, safe and autonomous way possible.

The challenge is to get and make sure that each child receives the stimulation and challenge they need from the entire play area, so that they can develop sensory, physical, cognitive and social skills, without this meaning that they all make the same use and in equality of conditions of all the game equipment.

Inclusive play spaces are more than play equipment; it is the whole set used to consider as many needs as possible, which encourage everyone (parents, children and caregivers) to stay as long as they choose, providing a welcoming place where they feel comfortable.

Inclusive Swing Seat

Playground Inclusive Swing Seat with retention system designed according to EN 1176-2.

It is recommended that the user is accompanied by an adult.

Optionally includes suspension chains, for installation in all types of frames that comply with the reference standard.

The drain hole has been designed to prevent water stagnation in the game.

Inclusive Swing Seat Big

Recommended Age: 5-14 years. Maximum load: 120Kg. More Information.

Inclusive Swing Seat Brownie

Recommended Age: 3-8 years. Maximum load: 80Kg. More Information.


Both Inclusive Swing Seat Big and Brownie are available in following colors:

ECO Inclusive Swing Seat

Inclusive Swing Seat is available in two ECO models. One of them with 100% recycled PE and another model with PE+Rice Husk. Both models are available with harness or seat belts and chains and without chains.

The PE Pure Recycled version is composed of recycled PE from the waste generated in ABC Rotomoldeo by the leftovers of the finished parts.

The PE + rice husk version is manufactured with mixture composed of 15% Raw material of vegetable origin (rice husk) and 85% Linear Low density polyethylene.

With these two versions we help to reduce the environmental impact of the product throughout its life cycle, since we reduce the content of petroleum-based materials and also at the end of its useful life, can be recycled.

PE Pure Recycled version

The PE Pure Recycled version is available only in the color of the image.
(For Harness models, the lock will be always in blue colour).

PE + Rice Husk Version

The PE + Rice Husk version is available only in the color of the image.
(For Harness models, the lock will be always in blue colour).

Recommended Age: 5-14 years. Maximum load: 120Kg.

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PE Pure Recycled version
PE + Rice husk version