ABC ROTOMOLDEO Worldwide presence

ABC ROTOMOLDEO is already exporting to 4 continents and their products are present in the whole world

Rotomoulding is fastly growing thanks to the efforts and dedication of many professionals all over the world, such as the ones that are part of ABC ROTOMOLDEO who are bringing rotmoulding-made products to many countries and are waking the interest of industrials, designers and technicians.

Nowadays, ABC ROTOMOLDEO is directly exporting both custom made  and self designed products to 4 continents, to more than 15 countries. The products that we manufacture are at their time being re-exported by our customers, prestigious multinational corporations, to any corner of the globe, so our brand can be found anywhere in the world.

This is consolidating ABC ROTOMOLDEO as the Rotomoulding manufacturer with greatest international presence from our country and is only a testimony of our stable growth and our bright future based on the know-how of its engineers, the passions of the directive council, the enthusiasm of the workers and the constant efforts to integrate new technologies and environment-friendly materials.


For a better future / Pour un future meilleur / Für eine bessere Zukunft / Per un futuro megliore