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The publication specialized in engineering and the Industrial sector “Easy Engineering Magazine” has recently interviewed ABC ROTOMOLDEO where we explain our activity, the advantages offered by rotomolding technology compared to other plastic molding technologies, the current situation of our sector and the newest exclusivities that we are offering to our customers such as the use of 100% recycled materials or our organic-plastic mixed materials.

As well as many European and North American companies, Easy Engineering has brought its interest to the manufacturing and exporting activity of ABC ROTOMOLDEO, the Spanish rotomolding flagship and one of the European main references in Playground components and contacted us to exemplify the industrial and technological development of our sector throughout the continent.

If you want to know more about current Rotomolding situation, know more about the international activity of ABC ROTOMOLDEO and ROTOPLAY or you simply look to know more about European industy and its best Benchmarks, don’t hesitate to read the interview and the articles that Easy Engineering Magazine has prepared for you:


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